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Want the Gifts of Christmas? Then join us as we unwrap one gift at a time.

The Gift             When?

Hope   WATCH    December 1st @ 10am

Love   WATCH     December 8th @ 10am

Joy                         December 15th @ 10am

Peace                     December 22nd @ 10am

Jesus                      December 24th @ 10am

We hope you'll join us for cookies and cocoa and a great time together. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the old song goes. Yet it doesn’t always feel that way—the hectic holiday schedule, family pressures, and emotional wounds are just a few reasons. But Atkinson Congregational Church sees the Christmas season as one that offers a unique opportunity to experience God’s love and grace in the midst of real life. That is the reason for “The Gifts of Christmas” Advent Series celebration—to experience what the true gifts of Christmas mean for our lives today.

In a season often marked by frenzied busyness, Advent is an opportunity to set aside time to prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ. The relevant messages in this series are designed to help us place our focus on a far greater story than our own—the story of God’s redeeming love for our world.  With cookies and cocoa and the lighting of the Advent wreath, this series is the perfect opportunity for families throughout the community to come together to celebrate this special season.