(309) 936-7672

Opening Hours:

Mon. & Thurs: 9am-Noon​​ (Pastor's Office Hrs)

​Sunday: 10am (Worship Service)

Call (206) 384-7824 for other appt. times.

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Kidz Church is safe and fun for kids and is located in the downstairs area of the church. During our regular worship service we will have a time of singing followed by a kid's sermon with the pastor on the stage. Following the kid's sermon, we take a 3 minute break in the service to allow parents to check their kids into Kidz Church.  It only takes a second to check them in because parents

preregister their kids before the service or print out the registration here and bring it to Kidz Church.  You only need to register once, but parents check their children and and out of Kidz Church every week.  If it's your first time bringing your kids to Kidz Church registration is quick and easy. Just head to the Kidz Church area before the service and they will get you signed up!

Interested in volunteering with the the Youth or Children's ministry?

Get your Youth and Children's ministry volunteer application here to join the ministry to youth or children.


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